Matt Morchower has fused creative work in the media/digital entertainment field as an Emmy-nominated Producer and Executive, followed by a career as a successful Entrepreneur.  He was a Producer for CBS’ Olympic coverage, then Senior Producer for “Inside the NBA” on TNT.  He followed those roles as the “de facto” Chief of Staff to the President of ABC Television.

After gaining his MBA at Columbia with a Marketing and Media concentration, he brought his strategic yet creative thinking to entrepreneurialism, Co-Founding Marquis Jet, which re-defined the private aviation field and was sold to Berkshire Hathaway.  He co-created the business, financial, marketing and strategic plans for the company, while serving as SVP for the company that pioneered the “Jet Card,” allowing passengers to fly a 25 hours on NetJets, the most exclusive fleet in the industry; Marquis sold over $4 billion in Jet Cards.  Concurrently, Morchower ran production studio Varsity Entertainment, creating traditional and digital content for providers. 

Subsequently, he was COO of Magnises, a Millennial-geared “black credit card” where he ran day-to-day operations and implemented an innovative marketing strategy allowing advertisers a rare opportunity to market to the elusive Millennial demographic. Following a period as President of startup jet company ClipperJet focusing on marketing and sales, he has served as an Advisor to legendary film studio RKO Pictures, while returning to production for the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.